Hiring the Best Office Mover in the Hills District: The Ultimate Guide

July 23, 2022

Moving your office is one of the most stressing ordeals you can go through. Remember, there are l,ots of equipment that need special handling, not to mention that there are documents that hold vital information that you cannot leave in the hands of anyone. Moving office is also an expensive venture that may require you to invest a significant amount of money, time, and energy. However, with a good mover in Castle Hill, you will get a mixture of affordability, efficiency, and convenience.

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Bad news…

moving boxesIn today’s Australian market, there is no shortage of office movers. This may sound as good news, but in essence, it is a piece of information that you should not celebrate. This is because there are many people who masquerade as professionals, while in reality they have no idea what moving is all about. They are in the market to mint money from unsuspecting clients like yourself.

Unprofessional movers will come to you with promises and prices that are too good to be true, and will show you fake portfolios that will make it easy for you to fall in their bait. Your office is your second home; and leaving it in the wrong hands is doubtlessly the last thing you should do.

To find a mover who will offer you with the best services while at the same time conform to your business needs and budget plan, you need to read this post to the end!

How to Find the Right Office Mover

As mentioned earlier, finding the right mover in the modern market can be compared to the proverbial finding of a needle in haystack. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot find the best. Below are some tips that will help you out;

  1. Ask around

If you have friends or family member who have moved their businesses in the past, then you are lucky. All you need to do is visit them in person, and begin your quest of finding the best office mover for your needs.

If a mover did the best job for a couple of your referrals, then there is no reason why he shouldn’t offer you with similar services. To make your judgement, don’t forget to ask the following questions:

  • How long did the move take?
  • Did the office mover agree to move at a time that was most convenient to your business?
  • What was the level of interruptions that the mover brought to your business?
  • Did you experience any downtime during the moving process?
  • If you were to move again, would you consider working with the mover again?
  • In a scale of one to five, how would you rate the mover?
  • How much were you charged for the service? Would you consider the mover affordable?

With the answers to the above questions, there is no reason why you should not choose a mover who you believe will provide you with a faultless service.

  1. Research

If you are new in a place and you don’t know anyone, or you are an introvert who doesn’t socialise with people quite often, you don’t have to worry that you have zero referrals. Google and other search engines are your best friends. Therefore, use them to get as much information about office movers near you as you can.

To ensure you are getting the correct information, don’t rely on movers’ websites. Instead, use third-party review sites, which will provide you with client and expert reviews, as well as the ratings that different movers have, so that you can make a well-informed decision.

As a rule of the thumb, go for a mover with the most positive reviews and a rating of at least 4.5 out of five, since this means he is reputable, and will do anything to ensure you are 100% satisfied, so that he can maintain his track record.

  1. Visit local shops

If you have the time, this is the best strategy you can use to get the best movers in the market. here, you will visit the movers personally, ask them questions and choose the one you feel will provide you with the best services and at the same time complement your budget.

Extra tip- if you have builders, roofers, or electricians who you have worked with for some time in your business premises, you can ask them for referrals. There is a possibility that these experts have worked together in the past, and you might be lucky to be referred to the best you can find!

Things Every Good Mover Should Possess

Even if you have gotten the best referrals, or you have gone to the market yourself and found the best office mover, never work with him if he doesn’t possess the following;

  • Licenses

If a mover doesn’t have licenses required by law, then he is running an illegal business, and there are high chances that you might lose your money and goods when you choose to work with him. Therefore, before you sign any agreement with a mover, make sure he can provide you with proof that he is licensed.

Licensing also shows that the mover is a responsible citizen who pays taxes and contributes to national growth!

  • Insurances

Moving is one of the most sensitive services, and in a bid to ensure its citizens are protected, the government has defined some of the insurances that an office mover should carry. Therefore, before you head to the market, ensure you visit your local authorities and enquire which insurances your ultimate mover should have. This will make your search easier, because you will only get a quote from insured professionals.

A moving insurance is very important because in the cause of your move, anything could happen and your precious belongings could be damaged or lost. Imagine an accident happened and the truck contained your critical business equipment blows up, would you start from scratch? Well, this is doubtlessly the last thing you would want to happen to you. With a mover who is insured, you will have peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens, you will be fully compensated.

  • Accreditation

Just like any other expert, a professional mover should have accreditation from a body that is relevant to the trade. This body could be governmental or none-governmental, but should be highly reputable. Therefore, ask to see an accreditation before you sign any form of contract.

  • Membership certificate to a professional body

If a mover is not a member of a reputable professional body in Australia, it is advisable not to work with him. This is because membership to such bodies is a true measure of professionalism. These bodies provide the movers with a well-laid our code of conduct that should be observed at all times, and if it is not, there are strict consequences that must follow. This reduces the chances of misconduct during an office move.

Professional bodies also keeps office movers on top of the trends, by offering them with regular training. This allows them to network, as well as learn some of the best techniques that can improve customer experience.

  • Academic documents

Moving is a professional, and anyone who offers the service should have formal training on the job. Therefore, any mover you choose to work with should first provide you with proof of education training. We cannot deny the fact that there are movers who have not gone through formal training but do a good job because they employ professional movers, but to keep your office and your investment safe, work with an educated expert.

Other Important Things to Look for in an Office Mover

relocation serviceThere are a host of other things that you should not forget to look for in an office mover which include;

  • Reputation

What do others say about the mover? Well, this is a question you should ask yourself before you hurriedly choose someone who will relocate your business. You can determine the reputation of a mover by looking for reviews and ratings in third-party review sites. The more positive reviews and high ratings a mover has, the better the reputation.

  • Experience

For small moves, you can work with a new mover and give him some experience. Nonetheless, of you are making a major office move, you cannot compromise on experience. You need to work with a seasoned expert, who has been tested and approved over the years. Through experience, a mover is able to learn new techniques to offer clients with the most comfortable and efficient moves. Also, being in the market for many years means he has seen it all; thus there is no move that cannot be executed, its complexity notwithstanding.

  • Customer service

A good mover should be customer-oriented. Therefore, if you call a mover who will give you an attitude, and will be hesitant to answer your questions, don’t work with him even if he has everything else that you are looking for. There are high chances that he will not corporate with you during the process, and will not help you in case something happens to your belongings.

Finally, when looking for the best office movers, don’t forget to carry your instincts along. Regardless of how good a mover is, don’t give him access to your office if you don’t trust him. Always work with the best you can trust and afford!




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